Ask the PT: About Longevity

What should I know about the role of exercise and longevity?

I was recently asked this question by Emma Picard of the Attleboro based Sun Chronicle for their weekend edition focusing on Longevity  (read her article online here).  My response was simple yet this answer is often ignored and its effectiveness overlooked.  As PT’s we know this answer well and prescribe this to all our patients.  Exercise is your best medicine!   If you’d like more details read the full article but you’ll see there is one common theme in all the interviews that Emma completed for her article.  Those in the know credit active lifestyle choices,   “which involve being engaged in activities, whether that be physical exercises or mental exercises” as the key to lengthening your healthspan.

One specific role exercise plays to improve health and combat aging is through its effect on fighting inflammation.  Chronic low-grade inflammation plays a critical role in the pathological processes and development of the following diseases: insulin resistance and diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, some forms of dementia, and chronic lung diseases.  Regular aerobic exercise and resistance training have been shown to produce an anti-inflammatory state that reduces chronic inflammation as well as decreases the risk of developing preventable diseases.

Overwhelmed? I provided one simple step to getting your Body in Balance at the end of Emma’s article. It involves starting with just 100 calories.  If you can build up to burning 100 calories extra through movement or find a few ways to shave off just 100 calories from your diet, that will result in losing 10 pounds on the scale at the end of the year.  If you need help getting started contact me here: