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March 14,2020 Update: Due to the COVID-19 crisis I am moving all of my wellness and PT visits to remote telehealth consultations until further notice. Play David’s Message.

These telehealth services are now being covered by some private insurances and Medicare has put in place emergency policy changes to cover e-visits by physical therapists.  Pls. reach out to me if you have questions.  If  your insurance does not cover, I will be offering this service free during this health care crisis.  Contact me through my request appointment link for more information. (Please check with your treating PT for their own policy related to your  appointments and individual condition, some therapists at this office have continued to offer in clinic services.) I hope that you continue to do what you can to stay healthy during this time.  I’m doing what I can to help and look forward to continuing to serve you in the safest way I can.

Be well.  Stay Well.- David Dansereau, MSPT


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Recent Program Updates

  • The Otago Exercise Program: Falls Prevention Training- Learn more…
  •  Remote Athlete Screening/Monitoring & Conditioning Program for Sports Performance and Injury Prevention  (Using Telehealth and Wearable Technologies to Connect Care)
  • Oppen-Trainer Stroke Recovery Pilot-Learn more…

Current Services We Offer:

  • Pre-Injury Screening /  Prevention and  NEW-Joint Performance Monitoring Programs for Sports
  • Post-Rehab Fitness and Maintenance
  • New– Otago Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Programs
  • Nutrition Counseling for Sport and Weight Management
  • Achieve Peak Performance Health Coaching
  • Community Wellness Outreach
  • PT Clinical Consulting to Corporations, Schools and Industry for MSD screening and Wellness
  • Research and Health Promotion Clinical Design and Project Development

 GroupPT Events


Group PT Classes:

-Beginner Level Otago Based Balance  Private and GroupPT Classes available   

-Advanced GroupPT TRX Class- Saturday morning class FULL (8-week blocks beginning in November )

-Additional Custom PrivatePT/ GroupPT TRX Classes Offered by Appointment

Space is Limited-Registration Required

Location: Physical Therapy of Cumberland’s Wellness Center (Next to Main Office)

Before you begin-contact us for a free GroupPT orientation and strength and balance screening: Learn more about incorporating TRX exercise into static and dynamic balance retraining as well as how to use this body weight training modality for a fun and empowering method to increase your strength and functional mobility.  During this visit a physical therapist will conduct a quick balance and mobility screening test to assess your current status and to suggest the best GroupPT fit for  your current ability level.

Schedule a free orientation here

Questions?  Contact Us  or Open Our Group and PrivatePT Class Calendar for Details

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Learn more about GroupPT

Equipment Used: Your Body, TRX & TerraCore Balance Systems

Fitness Level: Ideal for beginners-experienced exercisers who have attended an orientation session and want to “kick it up a notch” and begin a safe body weight based functional circuit training option to challenge balance, strength and endurance.

Advantage: Physical therapists are the instructors and are focused on ensuring proper form and technique for all participants, maximizing benefits and outcomes. Feel confident knowing that our instructors will guide the class, making corrections when needed and customizing exercises to meet individualized needs.

Requirement: Orientation session is required before you join one of our circuit group classes or by prior permission of your treating physical therapist before discharge if you have already been using TRX as part of your treatment plan.

Benefit: TRX suspension training helps to deliver a safe, fast, and effective full body workout. TRX allows the participant to use their body weight as resistance while constantly engaging the core to create stability.

Additional benefits include:

  • Develops core strength
  • Provides full body workout
  • Enhances stability-endurance
  • Increases strength & power
  • Improves balance
  • Improves flexibility
  • Increases confidence
  • Improve posture and body mechanics

About our TerraCore Balance System– That’s a closely held secret here at PTCumberland, you’ll have to come in and try it for yourself!   Schedule a visit now!!

Just a Beginner?  No Problem!!

We offer a beginner level class (Thurs eve.) lead by a physical therapist. Perfect for patients managing chronic health conditions needing support or a low impact method to initiate an effective therapeutic exercise program for strength building, balance retraining and weight loss/fat loss. Please reserve your spot, space is limited or contact us about this event by clicking here.

Learn More about Maintenance Therapy

Maintenance therapy is a smart move and will continue to enhance the physical fitness of our patients who no longer require or are eligible for skilled physical therapy intervention. Our OpenPT, GroupPT and PrivatePT programs allow our graduated patients to continue advancing towards their personal goals. These maintenance programs provide constant motivation, feedback and physical therapist guided engagement regarding progress and technique, and provide accountability towards progression and achievement of goals. Maintenance therapy is available to those seeking additional assistance regarding problems with balance, strength, endurance, and/or orthopedic conditions requiring manual therapy intervention. Our SmartMoves PrivatePT option includes a remote technology enabled solution for connecting our patients with their PT and corrective exercise routines for use at home and in our wellness center. Call today for more information on both options or to schedule an appointment, contact us here   Additional PrivatePT options are available by appointment and those hours may not be seen on our wellness calendar. We also offer convenient private VIP HomePT and CorporatePT visits, contact us for details.

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